Donetsk, May 23 – DAN. US support for Ukraine's aggression against Donbass takes a particularly cynical turn after Kiev forces subjected Gorlovka to a heavy shelling, said DPR envoy to the negotiations Denis Pushilin commenting on the State Department representative Heather Nauert's "call on Russia to end its aggression in Ukraine".

"Even children in Gorlovka know that the shelling comes from the Ukrainian side, as they are kept away from schools by Kiev's barbaric fire. But apparently Nauert knows best from across the ocean and calls on Russia to stop some alleged aggression. Blame shifting is an old trick, but it is particularly cynical after such merciless provocations perpetrated by the Ukrainian army."

Pushilin said the DPR representatives in Minsk have been urging Ukraine to publish an order banning opening fire. Instead, Kiev forces keep shelling townships in the buffer zone, where their military equipment is still present.

"Kiev resorts to intensified assaults, and the action is evidently coordinated with the State Department."

The security situation in Gorlovka and on its outskirts has deteriorated recently, as shelling continues even during the day. The number of civilian casualties is alarmingly growing: four people were killed from May 13 to May 20, four were injured in May 21 shelling . *ot