Donetsk, Jul 23 – DAN. A member of the OSCE SMM has caused a road accident in the center of Donetsk, the DPR Interior Ministry reported.

"An OSCE SMM member was driving Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in the Voroshilovskiy district of Donetsk, on 25-letiya RKKA prospect from the Artyoma street towards Postysheva street, when he crashed head-on into a Nissan."

The foreigner will be held responsible in accordance with the Art.124 of the DPR administrative law, which prescribes a fine or deprivation of driving license for up to a year.

"This is not the first accident involving the SMM members. During the mission's work in the DPR seven road accidents involving their vehicles have been recorded. In the past seven months of 2018 foreigners were responsible for four car accidents," the Ministry said.

The most recent of the incidents occurred on March 7 in the Kalininskiy district when a US citizen struck a car in the parking lot. *ot