Donetsk, Sep 15 - DAN. The OSCE Mission recorded the aftermath of the explosion at an oil depot in Donetsk, but was unable to determine the cause of damage, the Donetsk People’s Republic Office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) reported on Wednesday citing data from the Mission’s report.

An OSCE drone recorded the evidence of fire on the northwestern side of the upper part of a fuel tank and two metal sheets placed on a wooden plank to cover the hole. It also recoded damage to hand rails and metal railing along the northwestern edge of the fuel tank.

“The OSCE SMM team saw plastic fragments on the ground on the northwestern side. Regrettably, the SMM traditionally was unable to determine the cause of the damage,” the JCCC said.

The incident occurred on September 11. The fuel depot was attacked by Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles. One explosion occurred 50 meters from the fuel tank; the second charge hit the top destroying 1,300 tons of fuel.  The DPR Office posted a video from the scene of the incident to prove the use of attack drones. DPR Head Denis Pushilin called the strike at the fuel depot an act of terror and urged the international community to help investigate the incident.*jk