Donetsk, Aug 17 - DAN. OSCE coordinator for the economic working group Herbert Salber has visited Donetsk and met the with Donetsk People’s Republic leadership on Tuesday, the DPR Labor and Social Policy Ministry reported.

“On August 17, DPR Foreign Minister, the Republic’s representative in the Contact Group Natalia Nikonorova and official representative in the economic group, DPR Labor and Social Policy Minister Larisa Tolstykina met with coordinator of the group on economic issues for the OSCE Herbert Salber,” the report said.

The parties discussed pressing issues of water supply in Donbass, the resumption of payments of pensions by Ukraine in the territory of the Republic and securing the operation of Vodafone base stations.

Salber also travelled to Donetsk’s frontline Petrovskoye and Kuibyshevsky districts to visit School No 103 and a water supply facility where he watched the process of water purification for consumers.*jk