Donetsk, Feb 24 - DAN. Donetsk Water Treatment plant (DFS) situation developed as a result of Ukrainian offensive and "excessive softness" on the part of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, DPR envoy to Minsk talks Denis Pushilin told Donetsk News Agency on Friday.

“Regrettably, DFS situation is a result of Ukrainian offensive and excessive softness of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission and OSCE in general,” Pushilin said.

He reminded that taking the buffer zone and constructing bunkers and fortifications in close proximity to DFS was a security threat to the facility and its personnel.

"We're making all efforts and taking all possible measures to stabilize the situation," Pushilin said adding that “the situation will remain critical if OSCE takes no decisive actions."

On Thursday night, DFS came under a massive Ukrainian forces strike. DFS structures received eight hits, including chlorine storage, a chlorine pipe, water reservoirs and the bomb shelter. DFS administration decided to stop DFS operation and evacuate the personnel. According to DPR Operations Command, DFS was shelled with heavy artillery from Avdeyevka direction. *jk