Donetsk, Jan 29 – DAN. The participants of the Minsk talks are considering the Oktyabr-Gnutovo checkpoint area as a potential disengagement area, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Ambassador Heidi Grau, the Coordinator from the OSCE, generalized the sides' propositions and noted that of all the nine drafts only one suits all the sides, namely the Oktyabr-Gnutovo checkpoint area. Though even this match is just notional – the sides suggest dramatically different coordinates of the exact disengagement location," Nikonorova said.

According to Grau, all three disengagement areas should be defined as one package prior to the discussion of the particular plan.

"An annex to the Framework Agreement should be coordinated and initialed to make further coordination possible. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian side deliberately protracts the discussion of the new areas as the negotiators run out of time to begin talking the annex."

Oktyabr-Gnutovo checkpoint is located in the Novoazovsk district and connect DPR with Kiev-conrolled Donbass region. Kiev armed forces are actively mining the territory nearby – on January 23 People's Militia reported more than 200 Ukrainian mines installed there.

After the previous meeting in Minsk it was reported that nine areas are being considered for disengagement of forces. *ot