Donetsk, Nov 15 – DAN. American authorities supply ammunition to Ukraine in order to maintain the tense security situation in Donbass, a member of the security committee of the DPR People's Council Alexander Kurenkov told DAN.

As reported earlier, about 80 tons of US military aid have arrived to Kiev recently. The supply is "a demonstration of US commitment to the success of a stable, democratic, and free Ukraine", according to the US Embassy in Kiev.

"Ukraine is running out of Soviet-times ammunition. They have nothing to fire with their Soviet equipment. And here come the partners, both overseas and European-NATO ones, who supply Ukraine fuelling the flaccid conflict because they are very interested in it," Kurenkov said.

He assessed the 80 tons of ammunition as "insufficient amount for an active military action situation", though it is enough to destabilize the situation at the contact line. *ot