Donetsk, Oct 22 – DAN. Western guarantors of the Minsk Agreements, Germany and France, should react to the ongoing shelling of the DPR territory by the Ukrainian army, which killed four Republic's defenders in the past 24 hours, said a DPR MP of the Donetsk Republic social movement Vladimir Bidyevka.

"Ukraine totally violates the Minsk Agreements and common sense. They are not going to settle the conflict in a peaceful way. This stance, in my opinion, reflects to a large degree the position of their Western curators. We should be seeing a decent reaction from the Minsk-2 guarantors – France and Germany."

Bidyevka said that those are western curators who are largely responsible for the deaths in Donbass. In particular the US who are regularly supplying 'definitely not defensive' lethal arms to Ukraine.

Earlier on Monday the head of the DPR People's Militia command press service Daniil Bezsonov reported four DPR service members killed by Ukrainian shelling in the past 24 hours. *ot