Donetsk, Jun 1 – DAN. Kiev forces stopped shelling DPR in order to maintain their international image on the eve of Ukrainian officials visit to Germany, DPR People's Militia said.

According to Ukrainian media sources, the country's minister of foreign affairs Dmitry Kuleba and the head of the president's office Andrey Ermak are going to pay an official visit to Germany on June 2. The delegation also includes the minister on the so-called reintegration of Donbass Alexey Reznikov, defense minister Andrey Taran and deputy head of the president's office Igor Zhovkva and others.

The temporary ceasefire has already fueled extremists' dissatisfaction, as they sent two dozen fighters to Shirokino and Gnutovo to shell DPR.

The JCCC recorded no violations of ceasefire over the past 24 hours. *ot