Donetsk, Dec 21 – DAN. Ukrainian side pretends to care about people saying that it is ready to carry our prisoner swap after it has been sabotaging any progress for a year at the Minsk talks, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Representatives of Ukraine at the Minsk humanitarian subgroup have been clinging to its passive stance sabotaging the process by all means or skipping Minsk meetings, but now, after a year of non-action, Ukrainian side fakes its care about people saying that it is ready to act for publicity stunt."

The DPR has presented its exchange list in early 2018 to carry out the swap on an "all for all" basis in accordance with the Minsk Agreements. Ukraine answered a year after proposing a much smaller number of POWs for the exchange.

Today Ukraine's representative in the humanitarian subgroup Irina Geraschenko announced initiative to convene a videoconference of the group on December 27 to discuss possible "72 for 19" exchange plan preliminary for January 5. *ot