Donetsk, Sep 13 – DAN. A famous American pianist Valentina Lisitsa has met today with pupils and students of Donetsk musical institutions in Donetsk State Music Academy.

DPR leading musicians, professors and music entuatiasts attented the event.

"I have so many impresions, I am so excited to be here, I am here in the Academy for the second time speaking to students, their parents, professors," she told journalists.

Lisitsa shared her secrets of dealing with nerves when playing to large audiences in public: one should forget about everything escept music.

She performed several compositions of Chopin and Liszt and auditioned several sixth-grade pupils of the academy, going through notes and giving advice.

A Ukrainian-American pianist Valentina Lisitsa fisrt performed in DPR on 22 June 2015 in a concert commemorating the Day of Memory and Grief. Next time she played in Donesk in the spring of 2016.

She arrived again on September 5 with another concert and master classes tour. She performed solo in Donetsk on September 9.* ot