Donetsk, Jun 7 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic supports the UN Security Council’s statement calling for the soonest fulfilment of the Minsk Agreements and settling the Donbass conflict, DPR envoy to the Minsk talks, parliament speaker Denis Pushilin told the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

“The level of attention to the mounting tensions in Donbass, namely the UN Security Council’ statement in support of the conflict settlement shows that the contact line situation has reached the boiling point,” Pushilin said. “Indeed, we should sound the alarm, we need intervention of all sides that can influence Ukraine to return it to the Minsk Agreements track. For our part, we welcome the Security Council's statement and are ready to follow it.”

Pushilin expressed the hope that the document would have a productive impact on the Ukrainian leadership’s actions, such as withdrawal of heavy armaments from the contact line. “I hope that everybody who can productively influence Ukraine will be contributing to it,” he said.

On June 6, the UN Security Council approved its chairman’s statement denouncing the Donbass ceasefire violations and urging the soonest implementation of the Minsk Agreements. It is the first such document brought forward by the UN Security Council chairman since the beginning of the Donbass conflict. It expresses concern over the worsening of the contact line situation. The Security Council denounced the continuing ceasefire violations, especially the use of heavy weapons banned under the Minsk Agreements.*jk