Donetsk, Feb 13 - DAN. The development of a new cutter loader which will be exported to a number of countries including Russia and Kazakhstan has entered the final stage, chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic State Science and Technology Committee Alexander Stukalov said at a meeting of Ministry of Education and Science officials on Thursday.

“The development of the machine-building sector and an increase in the exports of mining equipment is a key task for the DPR economy,” Stukalov said. “The Donuglemash Institute will complete the research and design engineering works on the cutter-loader featuring computer-aided control, variable frequency drive and chainless haulage in 2020.”

The machine, designed for 2 to 4.3-meter thick coal beds, meets the requirements of coal-mining companies in a number of countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan, he said.

The prototype will be manufactured at the state-owned Gorlovka Machine Building Plant.*jk