Donetsk, Jan 10 – DAN. DPR authorities have reached agreements to open Republic's representative offices in a number of countries, the Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova said.

"Of course, we work on expanding our representative offices' presence. In 2021 we were negotiating with a number of countries, and in some of them literally everything is ready to open our offices officially," she said.

Opening ceremonies are impossible due to COVID restrictions, Nikonorova added.

"We are waiting for the ease of restrictions in these countries, as soon as it happens, it won't take long for the good news on opening the offices to come out."

Earlier the DPR Foreign Ministry said it was negotiating its offices in Europe, South Asia and North America.

Currently DPR Representative's Offices are functioning in Belgium, France, Italy, Finland, Greece and the Czech Republic. *ot