Donetsk, Jan 28 – DAN. US instructors of the Academi (Blackwater) private military company have been spotted in a mercenary training camp in the Sumy region of Ukraine, the deputy chief-of-staff of the Republican People's Militia Eduard Basurin said.

"Sumy branch of the National Corpus radical organization has embarked on training its mercenaries under the supervision of nationalists who have combat experience in the 2014 Donbass punitive operation. We also have information on US instructors of private military companies take part in the training process, such as Forward Observations Group and Academi," he said.

According to Basurin, volunteers supply nationalistic groups with personal protective equipment, tactical uniforms and medications.

Ukraine is also redeploying its deftest brigades to the line of contact: 72nd mechanized, 10th mountain-assault and 80th airborne assault brigades.

Earlier they were remanned, and supplied with weapons, equipment and ammo.

"The 80th brigade finalized refresher training at the Starichi training center of the Lvov region, where it functions under disguise of an international peacekeeping and security centre. British instructors of the Operation Orbital were responsible for training this brigade,"  Basurin said.

The course offered urban combat training, focusing on restrained urban terrain.

There is a high possibility that these units will be used as part of assault teams targeting major cities in Donbass.  *ot