Makeyevka, Jul 27 - DAN. DPR authorities are ready to provide security for U.S. Department of State special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker’s visit to the Republic, DPR envoy to Minsk talks told reporters on Thursday.

“We see the new U.S. administration’s initiative to pay closer attention to the Donbass conflict and the Minsk format. To have an objective picture of ongoing events, it is necessary to not only visit Ukraine, but also talk with our people in Donetsk and Lugansk, talk with our leaders before making decisions,” Pushilin said. “We are ready to make all security arrangements for his (U.S. Department of State special representative Kurt Volker - eds Donetsk News Agency) visit.”

Pushilin said that Washington has leverage on Kiev to influence the Donbass conflict and the peace process. He again stated that U.S. weapons supplies to Kiev were inexpedient as they could provoke conflict escalation.

On 23 July, Volker visited Kiev-held areas of Donetsk Region. He said at the news conference in Kramatorsk that he wished to meet with Donbass republics’ leadership. Donetsk welcomed his initiative.*jk