Donetsk, Aug 21 – DAN. The OSCE SMM members have an unlimited access to Petrovskoye where an SMM camera needs to be fixed, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"As for the disengagement area between Petrovskoye and Bogdanovka, all measures to provide safe access to the area have been taken on our side. The mission has an unrestricted access there."

The camera was installed in Petrovskoye on November 13, 2016 to monitor the adherence to ceasefire and implementation of the agreement on disengagement areas.

The area of Petrovskoye was considered demilitarized, as the disengagement was carried out there on October 7, 2016. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian armed forces have been breaching the Framework agreement on the disengagement since May 2018, according to the JCCC. Kiev troops advanced into the grey zone in the vicinity of Petrovskoye affecting the situation on the contact line.*ot