Donetsk, Jul 29 — DAN. The DPR Ambassador to Moscow Olga Makeyeva held a meeting with her North Korean counterpart Sin Hong-chol, the DPR Embassy said.

“During the talks, the parties had a substantial discussion over the possibility of further cooperation in all sectors of the national economy: industry, agriculture, construction, trade, healthcare, education, culture, and others, ” the statement reads.

Sin Hong-chol espressed his hope that after DPRK borders open and COVID-19 limitations are lifted, the relationship between the Republics will have a huge potential in the spheres of trade and labour migration.

Makeeva handed the Korean ambassador a note to the North Korean Foreign Ministry with a proposal to establish diplomatic relations, invited the DPRK to take part in the organization and carrying out of an international tribunal for war criminals — Ukrainians and mercenaries, and also announced the willingness of the Heads of the DPR Denis Pushilin to visit North Korea and to hold a meeting with Head of State Kim Jong Un.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea recognized the Donetsk People’s Republic on July 13. *ot