Donetsk, Jan. 28 – DAN. Kiev demanded a say in international discussion over Donbass crisis thought Ukraine hasn't managed to come up with a precise agenda over the two years of Minsk talks, said DPR acting foreign minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"We are dismayed by Kiev's anxiety concerning the upcoming Russia-US talks. It has been two year that Kiev cannot present its official position on any of the political issues discussed in Minsk, always waiting for it to be defined 'in other formats'. Besides, by declining to negotiate Donbass situation with Donbass representatives Ukraine has set a precedent and conditions for Ukraine-concerning issues to be settled in Ukraine's absence."

Nikonorova emphasized that DPR authorities have been consistently pursuing the course for a meaningful dialog.

"In contrast to Kiev's fidgety uncertainty in what comes to its own legal rights, DPR has long been standing ready to embark on impactful dialog and defend its official position on all the issues in front of all committed participants."

Earlier Ukraine's deputy foreign minister Elena Zerkal told Reuters that Kiev "doesn't want to be excluded from, and wants to be an actor" in the negotiations between Russia and the United States aimed at ending violence in Donbass. *ot