Donetsk, Jul 9 - DAN. Ukrainian authorise are trying to dodge their commitments under the Minsk Agreements as they are, Donetsk People’s Republic Foreign Minister, the Republic’s representative to the Contact Group talks Natalia Nikonorova said on Tuesday.

On Monday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in a post on Facebook suggested to Russian President Vladimir Putin a meeting in Minsk with the USA, Great Britain, Germany and France as mediators. “Let’s discuss whose Crimea is and who is not in Donbass,” he wrote. Zelensky suggested “the following company” for the conversation: US president Donald Trump, British prime minister Theresa May, German chancellor Angela Merkel, French president Emmanuel Macron.

“Instead of beginning an open, direct and effective dialogue with us, the new Ukrainian leadership prefers to fill the media space with unsubstantiated statements which are nearly identical with former Ukrainian authorities’ rhetoric,” Nikonorova said. “A shining example is the attempt to involve US and British representatives in the Donbass talks, which (Pyotr) Poroshenko had repeatedly made before, and which Vladimir Zelensky is making now. Kiev resorts to all possible ways to quit the Normandy Four format and avoid the fulfilment of the Minsk Agreements as they were signed, and, moreover, received approval of the UN Security Council".

The DPR diplomat reminded in this connection that such attempts undertaken by Poroshenko had failed and that Zelensky would “find himself in a similar situation.” The latter has to realise that Ukraine will have to fulfil its commitments, especially political ones, under the Minsk package. The sooner the Ukrainian leadership reconciles itself to the fact and starts bona fide implementation of the Package of Measures in constant coordination with the Republics’ representatives, the more chance there is to resume the Donbass peace process and avoid being branded traitors of the people like former Ukrainian authorities,” the DPR minister said.