Donetsk, Sep 13 – DAN. The DPR, at today videoconference of the security subgroup, blamed Kiev's side for systematic violations of the ceasefire in Donbass, said DPR envoy to the negotiations Denis Pushilin.

"At today's conference DPR raised the issue of Kiev's systematic violations of the ceasefire. We based our position not only on the DPR military records which Ukraine consideres untrustworthy, but on the OSCE SMM records, supposed to monitor the situation under the Minsk Agreements."

Pushilin said the SMM's reports show multiple violations of the ceasefire perpetrated by Kiev's side and reveals facts of Kiev personnel building up defence and using a school as a base.

"DPR has no illusions about Kiev's intentions to implement the assumed obligations in full. But due to the importance of the 'school ceasefire', the importance of human life, we shall do everything we can to make the ceasefire persist."

The ‘school ceasefire’ has been agreed to by the sides as the new academic year is to begin in Donbass on September 1. It came into force at midnight August 25. It hasn’t proved to be durable, thought in the first hours the security situation along the contact line stabilized. *ot