Donetsk, Oct 24 – DAN. DPR variant of the road map for Minsk Agreements implementation ties political and security agenda fulfillment, said DPR envoy to Minsk negotiations Denis Pushilin.

"We have long presented our road map, no need to reinvent the wheel. We have to specify synchronization of articles covering security and political issues. To intertwine them and associate with particular time limits," he said.

Pushilin believes that heavy weapons withdrawal could be bind to special status legislation passing in Ukraine, and disengagement might be connected to the amnesty law.

"This model will be most stable," he added.

The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France met on Oct. 19-20 in Berlin, the negotiations lasted for more than five hours behind closed doors. No documents were signed after the four-way talks, though the sides agreed to draw up a roadmap in November on how to implement a Minsk agreement, which could pave the way for de-escalation. The participants reiterated the adherence to Minsk Agreements, which they said are the only way to bring peace to the region. DPR supported the decision.