Donetsk, Sep 5 - DAN. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission representatives at the Contact Group meeting in Donbass pursue the double standards policy, a spokeswoman for head of the Donetsk People’s Republic delegation at the Minsk Talks Denis Pushilin said on Wednesday.

Spokeswoman Viktoria Talakina made the statement after the OSCE personnel refused to join one-minute silence to honour the memory of DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko. “The OSCE SMM representatives remained seated in silence... despite the fact that after the death of a Mission representative (in April 2017 in the vicinity of Lugansk - eds Donetsk News Agency) in the conflict zone they requested a minute of silence which all the negotiators joined,” Talakina said.

“We view such behaviour of the SMM leadership as the official position which again shows their double standards policy,” Talakina said.

She added that the Ukrainian delegation representatives, for thier part, staged a walk out allowing themselves to make unacceptable comments.

Earlier on Wednesday, Pushilin said that Donetsk had demanded at the Minsk meeting that the “school ceasefire agreement” be supplemented with a special security measure, namely a ban on subversive and terrorist activity, and that this proposal be committed to paper.

The new ceasefire agreed by the Contract Group for peaceful Donbass conflict settlement came into force at 00:01 on August 29. According to the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination, Ukrainian army units violated the truce three hours after it came into force as they shelled the Golmovskiy frontline village in northern Gorlovka.*jk