Donetsk, Jul 5 - DAN. DPR Representative's Office in Athens invited residents of the Republic and Kiev-controlled territories to join the international artists competition "War in Piece through the eyes of children", said DPR Ministry of Culture.

"Within the framework of the Humanitarian Program for the reunification of Donbass people the head of the Athens office Andreas Zafeiris in collaboration with the Athens Dostoevskiy Institute, holds the international artists competition "War in Piece through the eyes of children". Artists, engravers and photographers are invited to participate.

The Ministry of Culture says the winner will take 300 Euro, and the two runners-up shall receive grants at the Dostoevskiy Institute.

Applications should be sent to [email protected] containing bio, high-resolution images of artistic works, contact info.

"A reply will be forwarded within three days to confirm the receival of the application. If you receive no reply, forward your letter once again," the ministry's press service said.

The DPR Representative's Office in Athens was opened on March 21, 2017. It is the fourth center to be opened to represent DPR in the EU. Andreas Zafeiris is also a member of Save Donbass organisation and Greece volunteer organization supporting DPR and LPR.

On February 17 DPR and LPR Heads approved the humanitarian aid program aimed to assist people living in Kiev-controlled territories. The main objective is to provide financial and aid assistance and educational assistance to vulnerable social groups. On February 21 the program was officially presented to people, hotlines and websites associated with the program were launched. *ot