Donetsk, Nov 11 – DAN. Donald Trump's US election victory gives grounds for cautious optimism, DPR envoy to Minsk negotiations said.

"Trump's  victory is not a cure-all solution, but there is room for cautious optimism," Denis Pushilin said.

He noted that lately US elite has become disconnected from mainstream public and got it all wrong. But the outcome of the presidential was determined by public; the same way as Donbass people came to a referendum back in 2014 though no one believed it would be a success. "Something similar happened in the US," Pushilin said.

Earlier DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko warned against unbalanced approaches towards Trump's triumph.

On November 9th it became clear that the US presidential election had been won by Republican candidate billionaire Donald Trump. The U.S. Congress is to endorse the voting results on January 6, 2017, and the president-elect is to take office on January 20, 2017.