Donetsk, Sep 12 - DAN. A lack of the international community’s response to Kiev’s war crimes led to impunity and systemic violations of the humanitarian law by the Ukrainian army in Donbass, Donetsk People’s Republic Foreign Minister, the Republic’s envoy to the Minsk talks Natalia Nikonorova told the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian armed formations opened fire twice at the Trudovskaya Colliery neighbourhood in western Donetsk. A house caught fire in the first strike; six firefighters arrived at the scene to put out the blaze. According to the Foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian officers at the JCCC guaranteed a ceasefire in the district but nevertheless, Ukrainian forces opened aimed fire at the DPR rescuers wounding three. To save a victim’s life, doctors had to amputate his arm.

“A lack of appropriate response by the international community to the war crimes, regularly committed by Ukrainian armed formations, leads to impunity and systemic violations of norms of the international humanitarian law,” Nikonorova said. “It is a blatant fact of Kiev’s deliberate military aggression both againt Donbass civilains and the rescuers who risk their lives in the line of duty as it is.”

In this connection, the DPR foreign minister called upon the OSCE member-states and the Minsk Agreements guarantors to put pressure on the Ukrainian government. “Only your active position can influence the uncontrolled Ukrainian armed formations who demonstrate with impunity to the whole world  the misguided practice of provocations and the lawlessness of radical groups,” the DPR diplomat said.

Meanwhile, the DPR Prosecutor General’s Office instituted criminal proceedings against 28th Separate Mechanised Brigade commander Lt-Col Maxim Marchenko over the fact of shelling of the Trudovskaya Colliery neighbourhood.*jk