Donetsk, Feb 1 - DAN. Ukrainian secret services are behind the planting of a bomb in the building of Donetsk’s Kiev district administration, the press service of the Dontetsk People’s Republic State Security Ministry (MGB) reported on Tuesday.

“The State Security Ministry assisted by the Interior Ministry prevented Ukrainian secret services from carrying out an act of terror in the building of Donetsk’s Kiev district administration,” the report said.

An anonymous bomb threat warning reportedly came in at around 13:30. At 15:14, Donetsk mayor Alexey Kulemzin posted the information on the finding and defusing of the explosive device. The MGB said it was comprised of four 400-gram TNT blocks and shrapnel. The bomb was found on the third floor of the building and could be set off by a call to a mobile phone.

On January 28, anonymous reports said that bombs had been planted in 17 buildings in Donetsk, Makeyevka and Gorlovka. The targeted buildings included the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Information Ministry, the Central Republican Bank and trade and education centers. All the reports proved false.*jk