Donetsk, Aug 7 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic Supreme Court has sentenced three Ukrainian servicemen to 29 years in prison each for killing civilians in Mariupol, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office said on Monday.

 “The Supreme Court has handed down a verdict in the criminal case against Danila Ovchninnikov, 22, Andrey Kovtun, 20 and Yury Tishchenko, 24 from the Ukrainian army’s 36th Marine Brigade,” the PGO press service reported. “They will serve their sentences in a maximum security prison.”

The marines detained two men in Mariupol’s Okhotnichy Lane and kept them locked in a garage in the period from March 15 to April 2. After receiving an order to dispose of the non-combatants, they shot the men dead in an abandoned home and threw the bodies into the cellar. Later on, the servicemen shot and killed another man near the place where they were stationed.

All the defendants were found guilty of multiple hate murder and use of banned means and methods of warfare.*jk