Donetsk, Oct 21 — DAN. Ukraine holds more than 230 Donetsk People’s Republic residents captive, DPR ombudsperson Darya Morozova said on Friday.

“Currently, we have 233 people on the list who are held by Ukraine, ” Russia’s TASS news agency quoted Morozova as saying.

The ombudsperson added these people were taken prisoner after the beginning of the special military operation.

Meanwhile, the DPR fighters who were released by Ukraine in the October 17 prisoner exchange met with their families earlier on Friday for the first time after long separation. The prisoner swap with Ukraine was carried out under the formula “110 for 110.” Russia handed over 108 POWs to terrorists in Kiev, and got 80 hostages and 30 servicemen. One of the returnees was presumed killed in action.*jk