Donetsk, Aug 8 - DAN. Gunmen of Praviy Sektor (Right Sector, a far-right Ukrainian nationalist political and paramilitary group of neofascist ideology) plan to deliver retribution strikes at Ukrainian army 59th brigade positions on south axis, DPR Operations Command said.

“According to our information, leaders of this organisation, in the wake of yesterday’s shelling, are gathering their groups to carry out an act of retribution against Ukrainian army command and servicemen,” a DPR Operations Command officer said.

“A column of five bus and five armoured KrAZ vehicles was spotted in Maryinka area outside Donetsk, while in Kramatorsk area, a column of 28 trucks full of Praviy Sektor nationalists was seen,” he said.

The vehicles were southbound, apparently heading for the 59th separate motorised infantry brigade responsibility zone.

All Ukrainian army units on Mariupol axis have been put on alert.

59th brigade units shelled Praviy Sektor groups in Pishchevik area with rocket artillery on 6 August afternoon. The motives behind Ukrainian army units’ attack are unknown. DPR repeatedly reported the Ukrainian military’s plans to neutralise nationalistic units which Kiev is unable to control.*jk