Donetsk, Jul 16 – DAN. Arsen Avakov will still be in control of nationalistic powers after his resignation from the Interior Minister position, said the Chairman of the DPR parliamentary committee on foreign policy, international relationship, information policy and technologies Vladislav Berdichevskiy.

"Most probably, Avakov resigned under pressure. But I believe that a person at his level cannot not leave for nothing. He is a powerful politician and has financial opportunitirs. No doubt, he will control the political situation in the country and control its nationalistic powers," he said.

Berdichevskiy said it's possible that Avakov intends to run for presidency.

Avakov resigned on July 13, with Rada approving his stepping down two days later. He was the Interior Minister since February 27, 2014, keeping his position through government reshuffles. He is notoriously known for supporting radical tendencies and ultra-right groups. He has been criticized lately for a failed policed reform, deadlocks in investigating high-profile cases and crackdown on the opposition.

Denis Monastyrskiy has been appointed the new minister. He previously presided over the parliamentary committee on law enforcement. *ot