Donetsk, Aug 24 — DAN. Natalya Vovk, a citizen of Ukraine suspected of murdering Russian journalist and politologist Darya Dugina, has joined the military as she needed money, Vovk’s mother Nadezhda told DAN.

“When she landed a job (with the military) she didn’t tell me anything. I learnt about it later, when she was at hospital, and we talked. Nothing special about her job, she needed money. She told me, ‘Mum, it’s hard on me, this is a man’s job. I would have quitted if not for the kids’. She was a military, but not in the Azov”, Nadezhda says.

Before that, Natalya was an administrator in the Ilyichevets Mariupol football club, but after being laid off, a mother of two had to find another job.

“I think she wouldn’t have taken her daughter along, if she was about to do it (the terrorist attack — DAN). I know what kind of mother she is, she would have never let her children be hurt,” the mother of the suspect said.

Earlier, a source in law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation told the TASS news agency that the perpetrator of the murder could have used her daughter to cover up the crime. 

On August 22, the FSB announced that the murder of Daria Dugina had been solved. 

According to the investigators, it was carried out by Natalia Vovk on orders of the Ukrainian special services. The agency released a CCTV footage showing a woman resembling Vovk driving a Mini Cooper with different number plates, and appearing near Dugina’s house. 

Later, photos of Vovk’s identity card were published, indicating that she served in the military unit 3057, a formation of the National Guard of Ukraine, which includes the Azov Nazi group (recognized as a terrorist organization in the DPR). Reports emerged that her eldest son also served in the Azov, and the Mini Cooper was put up for sale on Ukrainian Internet, the seller was a person with the initials of Vovk’s son. *ot