Donetsk, Feb 10 — DAN. DPR defenders in Ukrainian captivity are regularly tortured and abused while the Ukrainian ombudsman and international human rights organizations take no action, ” DPR ombudsperson Darya Morozova said on Friday.

“Ukrainian ombudsman Dmitry Lubinets makes regular reports on Ukraine’s adhering to Geneva conferences… Judging by his statements, he is either absolutely unware of the situation or tells barefaced lies, ” Morozova wrote on Telegram.

She posted a video of former Russian POWs telling how they had been tortured with electric shocks, kicked and beaten up with the butts of assault rifles. Some POWs were kept in unheated or unlit cells, had no warm clothes and suffered unsanitary conditions.

“Listen to what our fighters are saying about how they were treated in Ukrainian captivity. Battery, tortures, threats and humiliation. Ukrainian armed formations commit gross violations of the international humanitarian law. Both the Ukrainian ombudsman and international rights organization are actually playing up to war crimes by their inaction.

Earlier reports said 63 Russian servicemen including seven mobilized DPR fighters returned from Ukrainian captivity after the February 4 prisoner swap.*jk