Donetsk, Jun 9 – DAN. Kiev's representative at the Minsk talks Leonid Kravchuk claimed during today's Contact Group meeting that he had no authority to sign any documents, the DPR delegation to the Minsk talks said.

"The head of Ukrainian delegation said he has no powers to sign documents within the framework of the Minsk Agreements as such powers are only vested in the president of Ukraine and no one else."

Ukrainian delegation also refused to discuss the political agenda within the political subgroup, while saying that it will accept a draft road map to find a way out in the stalled talks only from the coordinator from the OSCE.

"The coordinator himself had to bring Mr. Kravchuk to reality and to remind him that no one tasked him with preparing a personal document, on the contrary, all the members of the group ate to develop and harmonize the draft road map."

DPR representatives offered Ukraine to recognize Donbass sovereignty and give up all the claims on the Republics, the DPR representative at the Minsk talks, DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova said earlier in the day. *ot