Donetsk, Apr 15 – DAN. Ukrainian armed formations prepare another missile strike on a crowd of evacuees at a railway station to subsequently blame Russia for it, DPR Defence's deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin said.

"Operative information shows that Kiev regime is plotting another bloody provocation similar to what happened in Kramatorsk to blame Russian troops for a massacre of civilians. For that purpose, a division of the 19th separate missile brigade will deliver a Tochka-U strike on the railway station in Lozovaya (south of the Khrakov region)," he said.

The enemy plans to launch a missile from the whereabouts of Staromikhailovka on the western outskirts of Donetsk to picture the attack as launched from the territory controlled by Russia-led coalition forces.

"We call on all the residents of Ukraine-controlled territory to stay home," Basurin said.

A missile hit the Kramatorsk railway station in the morning of April 8 when evacuation of civilians was underway. The DPR Territorial Defence HQ identified the missile as a Tochka-U type, which is not in service in either the Russian army or the Donbass Republics forces.

Russian Ministry of Defence has established that the projectile was launched from Ukraine-controlled Dobropolye.

Tochka-U is a tactical missile system that can be equipped with conventional, nuclear or chemical warheads.

Kiev forces fired more than two dozen missiles of this kind on the DPR alone since the escalation of the conflict. *ot