Donetsk, Dec 22 – DAN. Ukraine has notified Donbass of its investigation into the quality of water, that has recently deteriorated, during the meeting of the economic subgroup today, the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

"DPR negotiators addressed Ukrainian counterparts in the economic subgroup to demand explications as of the unsatisfying quality of water supply to the Republic from Ukraine. Kiev did not deny existing problems and notified us about their probe of the situation," the statement reads.

The Ministry said the DPR adopts rigorous measures to avoid the spread of polluted water in household water pipes.

"Currently, the Republic is using water from its own sources," the report adds.

DPR sanitary-epidemic service has reinforced monitoring of tap water after complaints from residents that it smells bad, the Ministry of Health said on December 10.

Earlier, the head of the water supply and sewage department of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services said that the disturbing smell of water was due to unusually warm weather, the water itself meets all state sanitary norms. *ot