Donetsk, Sep 14 - DAN. Ukraine has derailed the session of the subgroup on humanitarian issues on Tuesday, Donetsk People’s Republic ombudswoman, DPR representative in the humanitarian subgroup Darya Morozova said.

“Ukraine has detailed the new round of talks in the subgroup on humanitarian issues scheduled for Tuesday morning,” Morozova said. “The Kiev delegation refused to discuss the agenda items and left the conference just five minutes after the connection of the participants.”

It is the second time that Kiev details the talks under unjustified and far-fetched reasons, she added.

“I believe that Kiev representatives are trying to avoid the discussion of the issues that are “painful” to them: the dropping of criminal prosecution against the participants in previous prisoner exchanges and the search for missing persons,” the ombudswoman said.

The humanitarian subgroup failed to hold the previous round of talks scheduled for August 25 through the Ukrainian delegation’s fault.*jk