Donetsk, Feb 7 - DAN. Two groups of gunmen from Ukraine’s nationalistic formation “Right Sector” (banned in the DPR) have arrived at the frontline near Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Monday citing intelligence reports. 

“The arrival of Ukrainian nationalists has been recorded on the Donetsk axis. Two units of “Right Sector” gunmen, each 70 to 80 people strong, arrived at the location of the Ukrainian army’s 54th and 56th Brigades,” Basurin said. “The Joint Forces Operation command is assigning the nationalists to 54th and 56th Brigades units that occupy first echelon positions on the northern and western approaches to Donetsk.”

These groups of nationalists had been trained by British instructors before their deployment to Donbass, he added.

The Ukrainian command is not merely reinforcing its group near the Donetsk People’s Republic capital; it is forming assault groups with ideologically motivated nationalists who have to wage urban warfare fulfilling the objectives despite the death of civilians,” Basurin said.

The DPR deputy militia commander also said that two groups of mercenaries from Poland, pretending to be instructors, arrived in the Gorlovka area. They were sent to the 24th Mechanised Brigade responsibility area.

“Their objective is to carry out pinpoint acts of terror and sabotage together with Ukrainian commando units, aimed at putting life support facilities out of operation and intimidating the local population,” Basurin said.

Tensions in Donbass have been mounting since mid-January. After the New Year and Christmas holidays, Ukrainian forces stepped up strikes in Donbass and began to deploy reinforcements to the region. Earlier, DPR militia said that enemy group had been reinforced with radicals, multiple launch rocket systems and NATO weapons. Drills by chemical warfare troops were reported as well.*jk