Donetsk, Nov 28 — DAN. The Supreme Court of the Donetsk People’s Republic has passed sentences on four Ukrainian servicemen who shot and killed eight civilians in Mariupol last year, Russia’s Investigative Committee (SK) reported on Tuesday.

“The Court said that the evidence gathered by the SK was sufficient for passing guilty verdicts on Vladimir Yemelyanov, Rostislav Isaikin, Dmitry Terkhanov and Anton Babich, ” the SK said.

Machine gun unit driver Yemelyanov, senior mechanic Isaikin, driver Terkhanov and senior driver Babich they were manning fire positions in Mariupol in February to May 2022. During that period, Yemelyanov shot and killed four people, Isaikin threw a grenade into a boiler house with a civilian inside and shot the victim after the explosion. Terkhanov killed one civilian, and later on killed another one together with Yemelyanov who was leader of the group. Babich killed a man who had obeyed his order to lie on the ground.

Yemelyanenko was sentenced to life imprisonment, Isaikin to 25 years, Terkhanov to 27 years and Babich to 25 years They will serve their sentences in a maximum security prison.

The DPR Supreme Court earlier gave a jail term to a Ukrainian gunman who had beaten a Mariupol civilian to death.*jk