Donetsk, Sep 17 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic authorities provided financial aid to 16 residents of Kiev-held areas of the Donetsk region over the past week, under the aegis of a humanitarian programme, the DPR Labour and Social Policy Ministry said on Monday.

“Over the past week, the DPR paid benefits to 16 fellow countrymen from the Ukraine-held territory of the Donetsk region, under the aegis of the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programme,” the press service said.

Nine large families and seven disabled children received one-time benefits totalling 89,000 rubles, it added.

The Republic has been making lumpsum payments to residents of Kiev-held part of the Donetsk region since February 2018. The benefit for World War II and Great Patriotic War veterans amounts to 12,000 rubles and large families are entitled to 6,000-ruble benefits. A new group of recipients was added on June 1. Disabled children under 18 years of age are entitled to 5,000 rubles per child. The recipients can choose to collect financial aid in the Ukrainian national currency.*jk