Donetsk, Apr 12 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic authorities have established the identities of Ukrainian gunmen who tortured and abused DPR militiamen on camera, the Republic’s ombudswoman Darya Morozova told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

Videos of interrogations, tortures and shootings of DPR militiamen by Ukrainian armed formation and secret services have been disseminated across Ukrainian media environment since the beginning of the special operation. The Ukrainian and western leaders have made no comments on these facts up to date.

“I can boldly state that because of Ukrainian armed formations posting such videos, it is not difficult to trace the poster’s e-mail and geolocation, the account holder, etc. We understand who these people are who tortured our guys and abused the bodies of our servicemen and what they are. This information is being gathered and will be provided to the appropriate bodies,” Morozova said.

Each such fact is recorded by the ombudswoman’s office and DPR law-enforcement bodies. These incidents will make a body of evidence against Ukraine concerning the facts of torture and disgraceful behavior towards prisoners. An investigation will follow, she added.

“We’ve heard in Minsk for eight years that Ukraine is a law-governed state and now we see what Ukraine is worth as a law-governed state, what President (of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky) and ombudswoman Lyudmila Denisova are worth, what the country’s law-enforcement bodies are worth who encourage it. They have fully devalued themselves. I find it very unpleasant to see European politicians come to Ukraine and greet the people who use such methods against others. “How can they talk with them after this?” the ombudswoman said.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation aimed at demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. On the same day, the DPR and LPR militias supported by Russian forces began to liberate the occupied areas of Donbass. As of now, 160 settlements have been liberated in the DPR. *jk