Donetsk, May 4 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic Prosecutor’s Office has finished the investigation into the case against four Ukrainian servicemen accused of shooting and killing 12 civilians at Mariupol’s Ilyich steelworks.

“DPR prosecutors endorsed the indictment against four servicemen of the Ukrainian army’s 36th Marine Brigade, ” the press service of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office reported. “Investigations said that in the period from March 6 to March 15, 2022, the accused who were staying on the premises of the Ilyich steelworks in Mariupol fired weapons at 14 civilians. Twelve people were killed outright; two managed to escape.”

The case was referred to the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The suspects are artillery intelligence survey unit commander Sergey Balitsky, radar platoon leader Vladimir Kucherenko, sound ranging platoon commander Dmitry Latyshev and sound ranger and radio telephone operator Yevgeny Yakubenko.

They were charged with the use of banned means and methods of warfare and hate murder of several people.*jk