Donetsk, Apr 13 — DAN. The All-Russia People’s Front (ONF) has urged the Investigative Committee to file a criminal case against the alleged doctor who admitted on a video of butchering Russian prisoners-of-war.

Earlier, a Ukrainian claimed on a video that he was an army surgeon who had repeatedly cut out internal organs of Russian POWs. He also confessed to not using anesthetics deliberately as he derived pleasure from hurting people and openly called for violence against all Russians.

“Regrettably, such remarks and calls are no longer an isolated incident, they are systemic, ” the ONF press service said. “The Nazi influence on Ukrainians and emulation of fascists are at work. The ONF urged the Investigative Committee to institute criminal proceedings over these remarks. We have all reasons to believe that this character who is a disgrace to medical profession must suffer punishment in accordance with the Russian law, ” the press service quoted ONF Executive Committee chairman Mikhail Kuznetsov as saying.

The ONF insists on prosecution under Russian Criminal Code Article 357 (Actions aimed at the complete or partial extermination of a national, ethnic, racial or  religious group as such by killing its members, inflicting grave injuries to their health <…> or by  any other method of creating living conditions meant for the physical destruction of the  members of this group.*jk