Donetsk, Oct 12 — DAN. The wrestling hall in the village of Staroignatyevka will be named after Moscow Olympics Games 1980 champion Ilya Mate after renovation, Telmanovo district administration head Natalia Velikodnaya said on Thursday.

“Repairs of the facade, roof and utility systems and finishing works are underway, ” Velikodnaya told the Donetsk News Agency. “New windows have already been installed.  The shower rooms are being tiled, it is a gym for wrestling.”

“We plan to name it after Olympic champion Ilya Mate who lives in Staroignatyevka and continues to train guys, ” she said.

The building was seriously damaged by fighting. It houses an office of the Telmanovo children’s sport school. The foundation “Our Sport” is helping with the repairs, the official said.

Ilya Mate is a freestyle wrestler and Olympic champion. A native of Staroignatyevka, he became keen on the Greek wrestling technique called Koresh and took up freestyle wrestling when he was a student of the Donetsk Cooperative College. In 1974, he won the USSR junior championship and was awarded the title of master of sport. In the 1970s — 1980s, he became a XXII Olympic Games champion, a two times world champion, a European champion, a four-times USSR champion and a World Universiade champion. Mate is a holder of the Order of People’s Friendship.*jk