Donetsk, Aug 26 – DAN. Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky mimics the rhetoric of his predecessor when he speaks of Donbass and Crimea, said a DPR MP, head of the foreign policy committee Vladislav Berdichevskiy.

"The level of Zelensky's cynicism and hypocrisy has reached the one of his predecessor Petr Poroshenko. Zelensky compared Crimea and Donbass with children taken away from Ukraine. He said Crimea had been stolen and Donbass locked away in a room with armed guards. I want to ask him a question: are we speaking of one and the same land? If Ukraine cares so much about Crimea and Donbass why has it halted power and water supply to the regions? Why does it keep shelling Donbass and keeps the economic blockade?"

Berdichevskiy said that Ukraine "turned out to be a bad parent". Kiev has been pursuing nationalistic policy for decades and has failed to preserve the legacy of the Soviet Union.

"If Donbass and Crimea may be compared to children, then it's the children that have not been treated well and had to be removed from dysfunctional families. Donbass and Crimes have not been stolen, they had made their choice to live in accordance with their own laws on their own following the coup d'etat in Kiev." *ot