Mariupol, Dec 16 — DAN. Technicians in Mariupol’s Lenin Square are testing the retuned laser light show equipment to which local residents took a liking after it was installed in the runup to City Day in September 2020.

The projectors are built into large lighting fixtures shaped like white doves.  A new laser light show will feature the Russian Flag, the letter Z (a special military operation symbol), flying warplanes etc to the accompaniment of Russian classical music such as the overture to Mikhail Glinka’s opera “Ruslan and Lyudmila.”

A multimedia complex was installed in the square during the 2020 renovation project;  it currently shows the Russian tricolor.

After the government overthrow in Kiev, vandals knocked down the eight-meter tall Lenin monument next to Lenin Square overnight to August 15, 2014. The square was renamed to Freedom Square in 2015. It  added a modern fountain, an interactive complex and light illumination during major modernization in 2020.*jk