Donetsk, Nov 14 — DAN. The clock of the Central Post Office in Donetsk, damaged by an artillery attack has been covered over to protect it from rusting and further damage, the Donbass Post state-owned unitary enterprise press service told the Donetsk News Agency on Monday.

“The clock was damaged by artillery strikes. Since the shelling does not stop, the clock was covered over for an indefinite period, in order to preserve it and prevent the corrosion of the clock mechanism, ” the report said.

The clock was installed in September 1962. Later on, it was replaced with a musical chime clock. In 2002, the old pendulum clock was replaced with a modern electronic one. The clock was stopped in the autumn of 2013 and restarted after restoration by the Donetsk People’s Republic on December 25, 2015. The City Hall polled social media to select the chime melody: the clock plays the Kremlin clock chime at noon and midnight and melodies from the songs “Bright Sky” and “Dark Hills Are Asleep to mark other hours.” *jk