Donetsk, May 16 - DAN. More than fifty tower blocks in the Oktyabrskiy district of Mariupol began to receive water from the Starokrymskiy reservoir, the Acting Director General of the Voda Donbassa state water company "Donbass" Vitaly Kizhaev said.

“As of the morning of May 16, out of 145 apartment buildings located in the Oktyabrskiy district, 55 receive water. Work on connecting facilitirs to the centralized water supply continues,” Kizhaev said.

In addition, an emergency hospital, an intensive care unit of the city hospital No. 2, a blood transfusion station and the school No. 53 located in the same area are provided with water.

Kizhaev added that Primorskiy and later Ilyichevskiy districts of the city are next in line to be re-connected to water supply.
On May 12, water supply to Mariupol was test-launched from the Starokrymskiy reservoir, and the Starokrymskaya water treatment plant was connected to the grid. *ot