Donetsk, Aug 25 — DAN. The construction of a new water supply line to Volnovakha and neighboring settlements has been completed, the Voda Donbassa state-owned company press service reported on Thursday.

“Russian workers have built a water duct from the Novotroiskoye open cast mine to the Velikoanadolskaya Water Treatment Plant, ” the press service said.

The water duct is comprised of two 6.5-kilometer lines. Specialists also laid two seven-kilometer 6kW power cables to feed two floating pumping stations.

The water duct will pump up to 30,000 cubic meters of water to the Velikoanadolskaya water treatment plant per day. This will help to maintain the water supply schedule to Volnovakha and the neighboring settlements of Olginka, Novotroitskoye and Vladimirovka.

Start-up works are currently underway.

In July, a water supply line was launched from Khanzhenkovskoye water reservoir to the Seversky Donetsk-Donbass canal to support the settlements experiencing water shortages. However, the Verkhnekalmiusskaya Water Treatment Plant stopped operation on August 20 due to low water level at the canal endpoint.

The DPR continues to experience water scarcity. Large towns such as Donetsk, Makeyevka and Gorlovka introduced scheduled water supply and arranged the delivery of drinking and service water which is distributed for free. *jk