Donetsk, Apr 13 - DAN. Residents in Kiev-controlled territory are increasingly interested in the opportunities to receive obstetric aid as part of the Donbass reunification programme implemented in DPR.

“After a Donetsk Region resident successfully gave birth at the Republic’s Maternity Centre, Ukrainian citizens have been making more phone calls to find out about obstetric aid,” the Humanitarian Programme Centre press service reported on Thursday.

The Centre noted more confidence in the humanitarian programme as the World War II veterans from Kiev-held territory who received payments from DPR authorities grew in number. As of 13 April, the Centre’s hotline operators answered 1,250 calls.

On Wednesday, reports said the first Ukrainian citizen from Kiev-held part of Donetsk Region had given birth to a boy weighing three kilos and measuring 53 centimetres long. Acting Donetsk administration head Alexei Kulemzin visited the Centre earlier on Thursday to congratulate the mother.

On February 17, DPR and LPR Heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy launched the Donbass people reunification programme. The main objective is to support socially vulnerable groups of the population. The health care segment of the programme envisions medical assistance in seven fields including obstetrics, chemotherapy and prosthetics. *jk